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About North Central Academy

Mission and Vision

"Action Over Words, Service Over Self"

We Believe:

  • Servant leadership is the key to ensuring that teachers have the input and support they need to take care of students on a daily basis.
  • In providing outstanding customer service to our students and parents through dependable actions and strong communication.
  • Students deserve to have instruction delivered in a way that is relevant and meaningful.
  • School should be a non-threatening environment that emphasizes relationships.
  • Character education should be modeled and assessed.
  • Highly trained, motivated and empowered teachers are essential.
  • Parental involvement and support is a necessary element of a quality educational experience.
  • Police, first responders and our military are integral components of our society and should be celebrated.
  • All students can achieve high levels of success and we promote all levels of continuing education, including the trades and military.

Our district’s inquiry-based curriculum will help students become self-motivated and competent lifelong learners who are critical thinkers, demonstrating confidence and creativity. We believe that all students can achieve high standards even though they may enter our school with different strengths, abilities and life experiences.