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Music and Theater



Music classes are offered to all K-8th grade students multiple times throughout the week. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of rhythm, singing, dancing, and movement activities to help develop their creativity and cognitive abilities.

For more information regarding our music opportunities, please contact Mr. Nick Veine at or call the front office at 231-584-2080.



Theater is offered to K-12th grade students as a collaboration through Music and Art. Theater participation allows students to practice public speaking and team building skills, helps students develop prosocial behaviors, as well as problem-solving and creative-thinking skills. Elementary students will usually put on a musical in the fall while secondary students will have an opportunity to participate in a musical in the spring through elective coursework.

For more information regarding our theater program, please contact Ms. Elizabeth Butterfield at or call the front office at 231-584-2080.



The Lion King Jr. - Coming this Fall 2023

In the fall of 2023, Join NCA elementary students for “The Lion King Jr.” This classic tale comes to life on stage with well known characters such as Simba, Rafiki, Timone, and Pumbaa! Follow along as students sing and dance through our hero’s journey to the pride land. For more information regarding our upcoming fall musical, please contact Ms. Elizabeth Butterfield, contact information can be found above.


The Addams Family Musical Young @ Part - Spring 2023


In the spring semester of 2023, NCA secondary students were offered a theater elective and participated in “The Addams Family Musical Young @ Part.” A hilarious musical fitted with kooky dances and creepy songs. Students embodied such characters as Wednesday, Morticia and Gomez along with some new faces to tell the story of how little Wednesday Addams fell in love…with a normal boy?! NCA thanks students, parents, and teachers for a great performance!


Shrek the Musical Jr. - Fall 2022


In fall of 2022, NCA Elementary classes participated in “Shrek the Musical Jr.” A tale of friendship and fantasy, students sang and danced their way through Duloc and swamps. They fought dragons as storybook characters came to life! Students in grades K-6 came together and put on a great performance! NCA thanks students, parents and teachers for an amazing show!