Required Notices

Safety Drills

We strive to ensure safety in our school. Therefore, we conduct drills (Fire, Tornado, and Lockdown). Procedures are practiced throughout the school year at each campus. Below, is a list of drills that have been performed:

2021-22 Emergency Drill Log

2020-21 Safety Drill Log

safety drills 2019-20

Safety Drills 2018-19 report

2017-2018 Safety Drill report

2016-2017 Safety Drill report





General Required Notices

Water Test Requirements Letter to Parent

Water Test Results 2018


Child Find Notice

This notice is provided in compliance with State and Federal regulations for conducting Child Find activities in order to identify students who may be in need of an evaluation to determine eligibility for special education services.

Parents/guardians of children ages 3-22 who feel their child is in need of an evaluation for determination of eligibility of special education services, can contact the office of North Central Academy at 5055 Corey Road, Mancelona, Michigan.