Our Curriculum

North Central Academy offers differentiated instruction to all students. A balanced, experiential and relevant instructional program ensures that students develop not only a wide base of skill development, but also an appreciation for the learning of fine arts, language arts, science and mathematics.

Curriculum Overview


  • Language Arts: Multiple methods are used for teaching reading, all emphasizing comprehension, to ensure every student finds success. Writing is an integral part of every classroom, with students completing daily writing assignments at all grade levels. Computer-aided programs are employed to supplement reading skills and enhance comprehension.
  • Mathematics: Includes computation, number sense, problem solving, statistics, algebra, geometry and measurement. Computer-aided programs such as Khan Academy are used to supplement clasroom learning to ensure students understand critical math concepts.
  • Science: Students study life, earth and physical sciences at all grade levels. Sciences are taught using an inquiry based model of learning. Students are asked to explore concepts, experiment with their knowledge and be creative in demonstrating their learning.
  • Social Studies: The social studies curriculum is also taught using an inquiry based model of learning. Students explore subjects such as geography, history, civics and economics through research reports, dramatic presentations, experiments and service learning.
  • Character Education: Includes the skills necessary to be successful and happy, both in the classroom and in life. Our goal is to cultivate students who have a strong sense of self and make the world a better place.
  • Technology: Students have the opportunity to use a variety of technology including Chromebooks, our computer lab and iPads.
  • Fine Arts: Students in all grades have access to fine arts opportunities in the form of music, choir and visual art.